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Wide profit margins

We sell debt obligations 20-30% cheaper the credit sum, that is our potential profit



This business originated in the 13th century, though gained in popularity only in the early 2000s. No world depression will take the debts off



Means of influence worked out by our experts put no pressure upon a debtor, but do help him or her to satisfy and discharge his or her obligations as quickly as possible



Our company is a beneficiary party on legal grounds. All deals are legal and confirmed in writing



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Our activities
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Why debt buyback is a cost-efficient business

Sometimes a debtor fails to pay off debt and debenture interest to a lender and turns a deaf ear to the threat of legal proceedings. Finding ways of debt redemption and symbiotic relationship with our debtors is the basis of our company work.

money_icon Collection agencies Our companywhen working with debtors
  • Poor performance
  • Violation of the law
  • Minimum discount on hopeless loans
  • Long debt recovery procedures
  • Conflicts with debtors
certificate_icon Legality and speed our actionwhen working with debtors
  • High rate
  • Activity in a lawful manner
  • Debt buybacks for 20-30%
  • Procedure takes up only several months
  • Rapport with our debtors


3 Level referral commission

Choosing the affiliate program as the main income, our investors can figure on perfect business arrangements.

Buisness Support94%
Financial Analysis38%

We accept

our offers

The service plans worked out by us make the increase of financial turnover possible by investing. So, that is why our company can purchase and then participate in a short-term sale of debts to a debtor at a considerable discount. Each deal can bring a profit of up to 20%.

  • Amount in USD
  • no. of days 30

Total Return in USD

Total Profit 0%

Deposits / withdrawals

All users of our service have access to publicly released and transparent statistics

Actions made by new members in the system are tracked by online accounting. Our own exchange office supports various payment wallets, thanks to which it takes only several minutes to make a transaction. Each potential investor RE-PAY can choose a preferred method of payment.

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